Location, Location, Location!

The phrase ‘location, location, location’ has become somewhat overused in recent years. In fact, they even made a TV series of the same name. Most commonly it describes the perfect place for a home, business, retail outlet, or even a job.

It has also been used to define restaurants, often where there is a pre-existing footfall or passing trade which helps with marketing and costumer acquisition. In other cases it is used define a restaurant in a beautiful, historic or picturesque location. Occasionally, very occasionally, all three! It really does then become ‘location, location, location.

And that very much describes The Winery Restaurant and Bar in Burton on Trent. Location, location, location. Beautiful, historic, picturesque.

Accessed from a busy high street in the centre of the famous brewing town, the entry gates open to reveal Burton Abbey, a building can be dated back to the 7th Century and existed for hundreds of years as a monastery. Not surprisingly the Abbey has been over-built and re-built many times, but what remains today (and greets the visitor), is a wonderful smorgasbord of history and patina.

The Winery occupies one half of the Abbey, and further evidence of the rich history can be found inside the building. Recently uncovered mosaic floors, ancient cellars, and traditional beams testify to centuries of use in various guises. 

But the real gem lies at the back of the restaurant, where a tributary of the famous River Trent meanders through the woodlands. Old sections of the Abbey still remain in the manicured gardens of The Winery, and the backdrop of the 18th century St Modwen’s church complete the picturesque setting for this family run restaurant that genuinely can be described as having the perfect ‘location, location, location’. 

New owners Leigh and Cathy Parry were captivated by The Winery from the very first moment they entered and experienced the location and history. In fact, so much were they captivated by it, that when the opportunity arose, they bought it! And now, with a wonderful new summer menu there is no better time to come and see what all the fuss is about. And see if you agree that it’s all about ‘location, location, location’!