It’s Lobster Season at The Winery!

Most people will have heard the myth that you should only eat shellfish when there is an ‘R’ in the month, so avoid during the summer months May to August.

Modern farming and harvesting techniques mean this is now very much an urban legend, and its fine to eat shellfish year-round, and indeed The Winery only sources the very best products from the very best suppliers!

When it comes to Lobsters it’s the complete opposite. Lobsters are traditionally caught when they are at their most active, which is during the summer months when water is warmer and food more plentiful. Consequently, lobster season is normally in July or August, and many restaurants use this as an opportunity to run lobster promotions and festivals.

It is also important to ensure you source the very best lobsters from the very best suppliers. As with most produce its all about quality. And this includes knowing the exact provenance of the product, when it was caught, how it has been kept and transported.

Not surprisingly, given our growing reputation for outstanding seafood, The Winery has its own Lobster Festival which is now running and continues throughout August.

And we have sourced only the very best fresh lobster from a supplier based out of Redcar on the North Sea Coast. They have an excellent reputation, and this gives us the very best lobster to prepare and serve to our customer.

Obviously, that is not the whole story, and we need to be able to prepare, cook and serve this wonderful product! Which is where Leigh Parry, our Head Chef and Owner comes in. He has a passion for working with lobster, and the menu includes such classics as lobster and crab bisque, lobster thermidor, cold dressed lobster, and surf & turf combining lobster with fillet steak. There is also a wide range of other seafood options to have as both starter or main course, including chunky fish soup, Whitby dressed crab, and our famous fish pie.

More information and the full menu is available on our website (, or by contacting us directly on 01283 568170 But be quick! The Winery Lobster Festival is only on until the end of August!